Economics Vocabulary – Business Vocab Series

Here is post number six in the Business Vocab Series in which we will look at key vocabulary on economics.

*I would like to emphasize that if you work in ANY position in a corporate environment, be it marketing, finance, engineering or other, you will need to know the vocabulary of ALL the different areas in your company. That’s because you never work isolated. Even when you are in a meeting about one specific topic, for example, a meeting that is about  a new product launch, you will need to be able to talk about everything that envolves this new product. Key topics in such a meeting would be if the legal aspects are in order, if the contracts and lead times of all the suppiers of raw material okay, what the graphics of the packaging will be, what the price, costs, profits and revenues are, if the production line and logistics for the new product are ready, how distribution channels and customers will be communicated about it, etc. Of course, you don’t need to be a specialist in all of these topics, but you need to know the essential vocabulary of all areas to be able to really understand what people are saying in the meeting and to be able to contribute with your insights.

I trust this list will come in handy, whatever your professional field. Let me know if you there is a word that isn’t on the list and you believe should be.

(*note repeated in every post of this series)

GDP. gross domestic product produto bruto nacional
“GDP has grown steadily over the last 10 years.”
crisis, depression crise
“The current crisis was caused by the poor policies of the last two governments.”
trade surplus / trade deficit superavit comercial / deficit comercial
“US has had a trade deficit for many years due to the enormous imports from China.”
inflation inflação
“Nobody likes inflation.”
unemployment rate taxa de desemprego
“The unemployment rate has gone up since June.”
aging population população que esta envelhecendo
“In developed countries they have a serious problem with the aging population.”
demographics demografico
“We found that the demographics in this region are mainly young professionals and young families.”
price per barrel preço do barril ( de petrolio)
“The price per barrel in the world isn’t decided just by OPEC.”
to boycott boicote
“The German population decided to boycott the oil company due to the human rights violations.”
welfare assistencia financeira quando alguem não tem emprego
“In most countries welfare is quite limited.”
emerging or developing markets / developed markets mercados em desenvolvimento / mercados desenvolvidos
“The level of wealth (riqueza) in developed markets is higher than in developing markets.”
fair trade comercio consciente com preços justos para toda cadeia de fornecimento
“Starbucks is well known for its fair trade policies with small coffee suppliers.”
greenhouse effect efeito estufa
“Scientists believe that certain gases cause the greenhouse effect.”
household moradia, casa, “unidade independente de convivio”
“There are 340,000 housholds in Campinas so we have 340,000 potential buyers of our cleaning product.”
housing bubble bolha no mercado imobiliario, mais recente nos EUA 2008
“I lost money in the housing bubble.”
municipality / mayor municipio / prefeito
“The mayor of NY is famous for changing several big municipal laws.”