Strategy Vocabulary – Business Vocab Series

Here is post number two in the Business Vocab Series in which we will focus on Strategy Vocabulary. This list is full of vocabulary relevant for the discussion of strategic aspects of any organization.

*I would like to emphasize that if you work in ANY position in a corporate environment, be it marketing, finance, engineering or other, you will need to know the vocabulary of ALL the different areas in your company. That’s because you never work isolated. Even when you are in a meeting about one specific topic, for example, a meeting that is about  a new product launch, you will need to be able to talk about everything that envolves this new product. Key topics in such a meeting would be if the legal aspects are in order, if the contracts and lead times of all the suppiers of raw material okay, what the graphics of the packaging will be, what the price, costs, profits and revenues are, if the production line and logistics for the new product are ready, how distribution channels and customers will be communicated about it, etc. Of course, you don’t need to be a specialist in all of these topics, but you need to know the essential vocabulary of all areas to be able to really understand what people are saying in the meeting and to be able to contribute with your insights.

So enjoy the read and take note of the words that you may need in your reading, email or report writing, meetings and presentations. If you feel one or other important word is missing on the list, please send me an email and I will definitely consider including it.

(*note repeated in every post of this series)

goal / objective / target / aim / purpose meta / objetivo / objetivo / objetivo / proposito
“We want to reach our objective by January.”
SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats forças, fraquezas, oportunidades, ameaças
“It’s wise to assess your strenghts and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats in the market before deciding.”
business plan plano de negocios
“Most business plans go unused unfortunately.”
competitive advantage / disadvantage vantagem competitiva / desvantagem
“Any successful business has at least one competitive advantage.”
business model modelo de negocios
“Focusing more on the service than on the sales of hardware was an important change in the business model.”
competition / competitors / rival competição / competidores / rival
“We used to have few competitors, now we have got a lot.”
mission missão
“Our mission is to make healthy food at a price that anyone can buy.”
to differentiate / differential diferenciar / diferencial
“Mercedes’ differentials are comfort, quality, status and safety.”
barriers to entry bareiras de entrada
“If somebody wants to create a new airline company, the huge cost of buying airplanes is a barrier to entry.”
innovation / innovative inovação / inovador
“Many think that innovation comes mostly from small companies, however, some big organizations are actually quite innovative.”
disruption disrupção
“The shift from physical photos to digital photos was a big disruption for the companies in the photography market.”
market leader lider de mercado
“Being the market leader has advantages related to scale, brand and eventually profitability.”
niche player empresa focado num publico especifico
“We grow insects to feed special pets, like snakes and rats. It’s definitely a niche market.”
market share participação do mercado
“We have grown our market share by 10% in the last 3 years”
scenarios cenarios
“To be well prepared for the future it’s a good idea to consider several scenarios and make plans for the three most probable of them”
trend tendencia
“The health and well-being trend has influenced the menus of many restaurants, including fast food giants like McDonalds.”
joint-venture unidade de negocios criado por duas empresas existentes
“Raizen is a joint venture created by Shell and Cosan.”
mergers & acquisitions – M&A fusões e aquisições
“Hank works with mergers and acquisitions at a consulting firm in New York.”
private equity fundo de investimento focado em comprar grandes partes de empresas, participar no desenvolvimento do negocio e vender/fazer IPO
“Fogo de Chão was bought in 2006 by a Private Equity firm and in 2012 it was sold to Thomas H Lee Partners which did an IPO in 2015.”
headquarters / head office sede
“The headquarters are in Amsterdam.”
branch filial
“The company has branches in most cities of Brazil and in every major country around the world.”
business unit unidade de negocios
“This business unit is located in the same building but we don’t interact much.”
commodity / to commoditize commodity / fazer tornar algo um commodity
“Our market has been commoditized by the entrance of many cheap and low quality Chinese products.”
corporate governance governança corporativa
“Sarah from corporate governance is taking care of the reports and will communicate its findings with all the stakeholders.”
share holder / owner / partner / equity acionista / proprietario / socio /  participação acionaria
“The Gonçalves family is the biggest share holder in the company.”
entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial empreendedor, empreendedorismo, empreendedor (adj)
“Tom has always been very entrepreneurial. When he was a kid he built dog houses and sold them.”
leverage / leveraging alavanca, alavancagem
“We are looking for investments to leverage the growth of the company.”
CEO – chief executive officer / CFO – chief finance officer presidente / diretor financeiro
“The CEO had a meeting with the other C-level people to decide the direction of the organization.”
board of directors conselho administrativo
“The board criticized the idea to sell off the business unit.”
chairman of the board lider do conselho administrativo
“The chairman opened the meeting praising the efforts and results that had been reached.”
business intelligence – BI inteligencia de negocios
“Tableau is a famous BI software that helps you gain insights into your data more easily.”
stakeholders todos os envolvidos/afetados pela empresa (dono, funcionario, cliente, fornecedor, governo, vizinhança, etc)
“The shareholders loved the positive financial results, however not all stake holders liked what was done to reach those profits.”
core business negocio principal
“The core business of Shell is petroleum, but the company also has business units in transport, gas, solar energy and others.”
viability study, feasibility study estudo de viabilidade
“Any major strategic change has to go through a viability study conducted by a third party.”