Sales & Marketing Vocabulary – Business Vocab Series

Today I’m publishing post number three in the Business Vocab Series and this one is dedicated to Sales & Marketing Vocabulary. I’ve gone through a lot of different material to compile this list and to make it highly relevant to both specialist and novices alike.

*I would like to emphasize that if you work in ANY position in a corporate environment, be it marketing, finance, engineering or other, you will need to know the vocabulary of ALL the different areas in your company. That’s because you never work isolated. Even when you are in a meeting about one specific topic, for example, a meeting that is about  a new product launch, you will need to be able to talk about everything that envolves this new product. Key topics in such a meeting would be if the legal aspects are in order, if the contracts and lead times of all the suppiers of raw material okay, what the graphics of the packaging will be, what the price, costs, profits and revenues are, if the production line and logistics for the new product are ready, how distribution channels and customers will be communicated about it, etc. Of course, you don’t need to be a specialist in all of these topics, but you need to know the essential vocabulary of all areas to be able to really understand what people are saying in the meeting and to be able to contribute with your insights.

Enjoy the list and if you feel some interesting word is missing, please send me your suggestion by email and I will definitely consider including it.

(*note repeated in every post of this series)

brand / branding marca / o ato de criar e reforçar a marca
“It took 5 years to build a strong brand.”
brand extension extenção da marca do produto original para novos produtos
“Apple was a very strong computer brand and was able to create a brand extension into mp3 players and cell phones.”
awareness consciencia / quanto as pessoas estão cientes da sua marca ou produto
“After the campaign the awareness in the target region increased from 50% to 72%.”
ad / advertisement / commercial anuncio
“I like their ad.”
advertising propaganda
“She works in advertising.”
folder / flyer / brochure / business card folder / pamfleto / folder / cartão de visita
“He designed a complete graphic identity, including the logo, website, business card and two brochures.”
(sales) pitch apresentação de venda (rapida)
“In our sales pitches we like to talk as little as possible about the theory and elaborate the success cases.”
(sales) presentation apresentação de venda
“George is the right guy for the technical sales presentations.”
cold calling ligar para potenciais clientes sem indicação previa
“We contracted a call center to do cold calling in the target regions.”
SEO – search engine optimization otimização de sites para maquinas de busca
“After 4 months of SEO our website is starting to move up the Google rank.”
social media midia social
“Henry is our social media manager, so he’s basically hanging out on Instagram and Facebook all day.”
word of mouth boca a boca
“The restaurant didn’t do any advertising and got known by word of mouth.”
product launch lançamento de produto
“We try to do a new product launch every semester to keep our target audience engaged.”
distribution channel canal de distribuição
“We figured that sales representatives are the best distribution channel if we want to grow 20% a year.”
4Ps – product, place, price, promotion produto, local, preço e promoção
“When you launch a product innovation, the 4Ps are different from the 4Ps of a commoditized product.”
USP – unique selling proposition proposta de venda diferenciada
“It may be necessary to revise your USP if sales are down.”
licensing licensiamento
“We license the right to use Disney characters on our products aimed at kids.”
partnership / partner parceria / parceiro ou socio
“I met my partner in college and we went into business together 5 years ago.”
to close the sale / to close the deal fechar a venda / fechar o negocio
“We have about 12 potential deals in the pipeline and we need to close one sale this month to hit our target.”
campaign campanha
“We are going to use launch a campaign on Facebook.”
customer satisfaction satisfação do consumidor
“Our data shows that when customer satisfaction goes up 15% customer turnover goes down 50%.”
forecast / prediction previsão
“The forecast is that sales will stay the sale this year due to the slow economy.”
copywriting / copywriter escrita de texto comercial / escritor de texto comercial
“Good copywriting is essential to a successful ad campaign.”
logo logo
“A good logo is easy to recognize and distinctive.”
product range / portfolio gama de produtos / portfolio
“The product range of is enormous while the product range of the popcorn stand is very narrow.”
retail / wholesale varejo / atacado
“We sell mostly to wholesale clients and we are now focusing on increasing retail sales.”
sample / sampler amostra
“In the cosmetics business the use of sampling is very common.”
packaging embalagem
“Packaging design is a key component in branding of consumer goods.”
sales rep / agent / broker / account manager representante de venda / agente / agente / gerente de conta
“We have a very good sales rep in the New York region.”
warranty, guarantee garantia
“That product comes with a 2 year guarantee.”
consumer behavior comportamento do consumidor
“The more you know consumer behavior the better you can design campaigns and create products.”
market research pesquisa de mercado
“Market research shows that people are more concerned with environmental and social issues when making buying decisions.”
point of sale ponto de venda
“There are many factors at the point of sale that influence the total revenue, even if the product and price stay the same.”
discount / on sale desconto / com desconto
“We can offer a discount if people buy 3 instead of 1.”
PR – public relations relações publicas
“Martha takes care of our PR.”
target audience publico alvo
“Our target audience prefers local products over imported ones.”
private label when you produce a product for a client and that company puts their logo on it to resell it.
“A lot of food companies have their own brands and also product private label products for the supermarkets.”
survey, poll, qualitative, quantitative consumer research, questionnaire pesquisa de mercado,…
“The poll shows that presidential candidate X is in the lead, but only qualitative research can tell us why.”
design thinking metodologia focada em melhor entender, desenhar e testar ideias com o publico alvo para chegar em produtos, comunicação ou modelos de negocios superiores
“They like to use design thinking to create new products.”
to send a quotation / to send a price quote / to quote enviar uma cotação / enviar uma cotação / cotar
“I asked for a price quote on Monday and they sent it the next day.”
objections objeções
“One of the most common objections to the sale of insurance is the price, so we always make a comparison to the cost of potential damages.”
flagship product produto principal
“McDonalds flagship product is the Big Mac.”
celebrity endorsement endosso por uma celebridade
“Sales of the handbags went up after an endorsement by Paris Hilton.”
affiliate program, affiliate marketing marketing/vendas atraves de uma rede de afiliados
“There are several websites that make it easy to build online affiliate marketing networks.”
refund devolução do dinheiro
“The machine doesn’t work half the time so we asked a refund.”
brainstorming processo de geraçao de muitas ideias novas para poder escolher um/alguns para a solução de um problema
“To come up with new ideas for the campaign they had a brainstorming session.”
brief / briefing informativo para um terceiro estar a par da situação e poder fazer seu trabalho (muito usado para informar agencia – propaganda, consultoria, etc)
“We sent to briefing to the agency and a week later they presented their proposal for the year.”
call to action a chamada em uma propaganda, ex: compra hoje, agenda um teste, assina o newsletter
“They chose to make “get a free evaluation now” the call to action for the consulting company.”